Silvana Busch

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Silvana Busch was born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil. Her dreams and aspirations took her to Club Med which ultimately took her out of Brazil. She came to Boulder in 2000 and start working as a massage therapist. Which she has been doing in different formats since then.

Her desire to learn has led her to many different formats of massage. Starting with sports, then meridian mashing, then thai style. She combined the thai style and the meridian mashing to create her own style of body work that has helped many people increase their flexibility and decrease the pain levels.

Rossiter and Vinyasa Yoga

In 2013 she received her level 1 and level 2 Rossiter Pain Relief System. This has taken her ability to deal with many different situations and significantly decrease pain levels in a short period of time. The Rossiter Pain Relief System works with your connective tissue and gets rid of pain in natural way!

It was in 2003 when she took her first yoga class. She was very, very tight which led to body aches, so the benefit of yoga was instantaneous. Then, in 2007 she obtained her certification in vinyasa yoga. Today she practices Iyengar style and therapeutic yoga.

Silvana has worked with many clients in her career. Her current focus other than pain relief is with golfers. One of her clients is an avid golfer who has wanted to increase his swing range of motion. He has increased his ROM by over 5 degrees and therefore increased his backswing causing more distance on his shots as well as increased accuracy due to less deviance in his swing. He is extremely happy with his work with Silvana and continues to see her as well as refer all of his friends and colleagues to her.

Contact Info

Phone: 303-562-5963