Jason Busch Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Amy Ippoliti Yoga Journal Cover_235_Feb11 copy

“When my shoulder was badly injured, my yoga practice was not enough to get me back on track. After some powerful bodywork from my partner, my shoulder was healed enough to start moving properly again. That is when I turned to Jason to rebuild my muscles. Not only did my shoulder heal within 6 months from the strength training and functional fitness we did, but my entire body started getting stronger and more powerful in my yoga practice. At 40 years old, I was grateful to be maintaining my strength, getting stronger than ever and enhancing my yoga practice immensely.

Jason is a trainer, but he is also a coach and goes the extra mile to hold me accountable to my fitness and nutrition goals by following up, texting me between visits and checking in regularly. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the extra care he puts into his clients!”

Amy Ippoliti


“When I first came to Jason, I was about 18 months out from a severe motorcycle accident that left both my legs severely broken.  My doctor said it was time to push myself, specifically in the areas of stretching and functional movement.  I walked into BodyBalance, explained my condition to Jason, who listened intently and patiently.  He assessed my limitations functionally, and set about to bring back as much mobility, strength and functional movement as possible.  He knew when to push, when to encourage, when to support, and the results speak for themselves.  I’ve returned to normal function, with better fitness than before my motorcycle accident.

I’ve worked with numerous doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and trainers, and can honestly say that working with Jason was the perfect fit at the perfect time.  He has both the unique ability to assess weaknesses/needs quickly, and figure out the right way to correct those weaknesses.”

Alex Chernushin


“I have had chronic problems with my shoulders as a result of many years of heavy weight training back in the 90’s. At one point, I was not even able to raise my arm to my steering wheel due to the pain. I had gone to see a surgeon who informed me it was a borderline surgery situation, and I  probably had some torn ligaments in my shoulder. But the recovey from shoulder surgery was not something I wanted to face. So I started getting “therapy” from bodybalance in the form of both a revised, more functional fitness strategy, plus some resistance stretching with Jason. Today, at 45 years old, I am stronger and more athletic than I have ever been, and I successfully avoided surgery! Bodybalance has been transformational for me athletically, plus has saved me a fortune in surgery and recovery time.”
Thanks Jason!

Dan Sawyer


“Jason Busch is the opitome of what to expect and more from a personal trainer & his new facility.
Taking a less-is-more approach, you will find the new Body Balance feels more spacious, yet is smaller, more intimate & personalized.
Everything you need nothing you don’t.
You never have to wait to use the simple & effective, easy-to-use equipment.
A new juice/smoothie bar is an nice addition; add ample parking with a super-convenient N. Bldr. location, mere steps from many eateries & shops/stores and you are in & out in a flash!”

Kyle Moller

“I’ve been working with Jason for most of the past six years (ever since I finished “rehab” for a fractured humerus).  I would have little, if any, mobility in my shoulder and upper arm without Jason’s help, advice and encouragement.”

Lee Knuti

“I love working out with Jason and I love even more the fantastic results!  It’s been at least 3 years since I’ve worn a belt, and I actually put one on the other day.  Why you may ask?  Because my jeans were big on me!  I’ve been working out with Jason since February and I feel so much better both physically and mentally.  He is so motivational and has a such a depth of knowledge in the areas of exercise and nutrition.  I would highly recommend working out with Jason to anyone who wants to make a positive life change.  Oh, and did I mention the complements? ”


“I started with Jason at age 61, in relatively poor condition.  Within weeks, I was much stronger, more energetic and more active, and I had lost 20 pounds.  Jason differs from other trainers I have observed in that he tailors your workouts for your fitness level, each workout builds on the last one and his clients simply get better results.  His new facility is perfect for training, well equipped and a great environment.  I could not recommend Jason or his facility more highly.”

Richard Runkles

“Erik had an unbelievably great year playing center defender for his high school soccer team. Simply stated, he was THE force in his league and his strength and fitness played a big role. He was captain of the team, they won 13 games and the first playoff game in school history. Really fun, really great. Erik then went on to set a new personal best in pole vault. Thank you so much for all you did with him.”
Mike Monahan

“I began working out with Jason about 8 months ago. I came into our first training session unaware of the dramatic change that was about to take place in my life.  Since I began with him the results I have seen are indescribable. It’s like an infomercial that is actually valid. Within weeks I felt my strength improving and my fitness growing to a level I had never imagined. Jason is great in that everyone is different and he is aware of that. Whether you want to build up muscle mass, loose weight, or just achieve general fitness Jason will do what it takes to get you there. The facility is great, the people around you are great, and the common goal of a better lifestyle is universal. If you are ready to make the commitment to change your life and become healthier while doing it, I can’t recommend Jason to you more. All of my friends are so impressed with my results that they have starting training at Body Balance as well.”

Chris Douglass