Jason Busch, Owner

jasonheadshotJason Busch, Owner & Personal Trainer

Jason Busch’s career in fitness has spanned almost 2 decades. He started, owned, and operated Body Balance since 1998. Body Balance has become a place where the best trainers in Boulder can come and work in a fun, fitness cultured environment that allows them to flourish and foster their creativity, which translates to the client being able to experience a variety of different modalities, movements, and experiences so that clients never get stagnant or bored with the routine.

Jason’s focus is primarily on functional training. He uses many different types of programs depending on what each person’s goals are. However, every one goes through a functional assessment where he looks at things such as joint mobility, thoracic spine mobility, joint flexibility, and ability to move correctly. Before any fitness program starts he uses a system of warm ups that focus on tissue quality, blood flow, and range of motion, mainly using the foam roller and body weight.

Fitness Programming

Busch’s fitness programs are effective, progressive, and most importantly fun! As a client you will find that the time flies by and your fitness levels will go through the roof. He has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, whether it be simply return to exercise after a break due to life or an injury, increase your athletic potential, lose that weight, strengthen your physique, or a combination of all of the above. His current client list includes a former NFL quarterback who had bilateral hip surgery and is returning to athletic performance, an injured crossfitter returning to safe strength training, a group of ladies all over 70 who want to fight the aging process and maintain balance in their life, a 14yr old tennis phenom who repeatedly injured his shoulder before starting a strength training program, an individual who had a latarjet procedure who wants to increase his strength and prevent further injury to his shoulder, and many more individuals who want to achieve their goals thru strength and conditioning safely and effectively.

Jason also institutes personal training programs in other facilities on a consulting basis. He works with facility managers and owners to develop programs, hire and train staff, market their programs, and create a profitable business model.

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Jason’s Contact Info

Email: jason@bodybalanceboulder.com
Phone: 720-838-4009