Colleen Glenn-Wilson

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Colleen’s versatility and experience are her strengths; she has the skills to help you achieve a balanced, strong and mobile body with coordination and agility and improved alignment.  She works with all ages to improve biomechanics, gait training, posture, functional strength and specializes in the more mature adult.  Her focus on foot health is a big plus.  Expect great workouts and programs specifically designed for your unique body and real results.

Colleen has been in the industry for over three decades and her passion to teach started with dance and Pilates careers.  She was Director of Education for Peak Pilates and traveled world wide educating Pilates' instructors and presenting at conferences.  She co-founded the Pilates Method Alliance.  In recent years and, after breaking her back, Colleen focused her attention and education to Functional Strength and Corrective Movement for the everyday person.

Education includes;  GIFT - Fellow of Applied Functional Science, 3-D Maps, CAFS with the Gray Institute,  PMA-Gold Certified, PTA-Global Advanced Training, TRX-Group X Training, Evidence Based Training-Foot Specialist Level I and II with Dr. Emily Spilchal. Additional certifications include but are not limited to scoliosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, therapeutic exercises for the back, knees/hip and neck and feet.

Colleen’s is passionate about inspiring others to live a happy, whole and healthy lives in a sound body and mind- from there ground up.

Website: colleenglennwilson.comPhone: 303-817-1810Email: