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  Our Version of Boot Camp

Train smarter by joining our boot camp classes! We use a unique and powerful 6-step process that is designed to give you a well-rounded, challenging, and full-body workout. This includes a proper warm up to reduce risk for injury and a regenerative cool down to help you recover faster!

  We Utilize the Following 6 Step Process:

1. Tissue Quality– foam rolling. All of our classes start with foam rolling. In order to have a positive experience it is important to have good tissue quality. Essentially the foam roller breaks up the adhesions created when muscles are placed under stress. Those adhesions can be created thru many different types of stress, negative stress, such as too much trunk flexion or too much sitting, or positive stress when exercising.

2. Mobility- depending on each individual’s needs, there is work that is done primarily on hips and shoulders as these tend to be the most problematic areas.

3. Dynamic Warm-Up- this is a series of specific movements designed to stimulate your CNS as well as warmup your specific joints that will be used during the workout. 

4. Work- this is the actual workout portion of the class. We use all of the available tools that we have. During class you will experience some traditional lifting such as squat, push, pull, and variations of these movements, as well as throwing, jumping, smashing, sprinting, skipping, rowing, riding, and much more.

5. Core- incorporated into the workouts are specific core movements. We don’t do traditional crunches as they have been shown to cause spine problems. Most of our core work involves planks, side planks, lower body work, rollouts, etc.

6. Regeneration- This is the best way to cool down after a workout. After causing stress on the body then it is important to get back on the foam roller to help to alleviate all of the damage just caused. The most beneficial time to receive a massage is directly after a workout so why not foam roll again and perform a little self massage.

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