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Aug 31st, 2017

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Posterior Chain Strengthing

Importance and Corrective Exercise Today’s life can be hard on us and sometimes you need to reset. Too much screen time and driving time creates a situation where we are in a constant state of flexion. Too much flexion can cause posture issues and back pain. Therefore, it is important to counterbalance this constant flexion. […]

Feb 25th, 2017

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Shoulder Workshop Saturday March 4th

Saturday March 4th from 2-3:45 shoulder workshop. Come learn how to manage your chronic shoulder pain thru foam rolling and specific yoga stretches. This workshop will help you with managing your chronic shoulder pain as well as help you deal with minor acute injuries from over training or a fall.    

Jan 2nd, 2017

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New Year and Reflections of 2016

We have had such a successful year last year. We are growing so fast here in Boulder it’s hard sometimes to keep a handle on it. But we also had some growing pains and learned some good but painful lessons. Looking forward to the new year and seeing what 2017 brings us. But for sure […]

Nov 9th, 2016

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Shoulder Seminar

We are having a shoulder seminar on December 10th from 12:30 to 2:30. Our focus will be teaching how to deal with shoulder pain, impingement’s, and weakness. We will be teaching about self myofascial release, how to mobilize the shoulder, specific strengthening exercises to support the shoulder girdle as well as the posterior chain, and […]

Oct 25th, 2016

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Weightlifting for Performance

Too Much Fluff in the Industry I have been in this industry professionally for 21 years and it seems like the pendulum always swings wide. While I’m a firm believer in tissue quality work foam rolling, lax ball work, massage, etc. I’m a bigger believer in weightlifting to increase your strength. The stronger you are […]

Oct 11th, 2016

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Hurt Shoulders Suck

Do your shoulders hurt? Having shoulder pain sucks!!!! No doubt about it. Well you have come to the right place. Shoulders are a complicated joint but generally speaking problems can be whittled down to a few things, tight lats, tight traps, and tight pecs. With a foam roller and a softball or lax ball you […]

Oct 6th, 2016

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Hard ass

Is your butt hard or soft? Your glutes are involved in more than you think. Locomotion, knee stabilization, back health, and a lot more. There are also small muscles deep in your glutes that are very important when it comes to stabilizing the knee. If you want to have healthy knees and strong glutes you […]

Sep 29th, 2016

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Did you know that all the good stuff happens while you rest? If you want to get bigger and stronger then you have to sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep allows your body to function at its highest ability. So, starting tonight go to bed at a reasonable hour and get some deep sleep.

Sep 23rd, 2016

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Do you lift bro?

I watched a friend of mine cone into the gym this week and wreck himself for 3 days in a row and it left me with a troubling sense. As winter is approaching and the ski and snowmobile season is fast approaching it’s important to be strong. Strength is the glue that holds everything together. […]

Sep 15th, 2016

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Stress relief

I have one of those weeks. You know where everything is a fight, computer crashes, accounting software isn’t supported anymore, kid has multiple meltdowns, sleepless nights,etc. It’s weeks like these that I really look forward to my workouts and I find no matter how tired I am or how much I do think want to […]