What’s the colored tape on all the Olympic athletes?

Aug 8th, 2016

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What’s the colored tape on all the Olympic athletes?

It’s called kinesio tape and it was developed by Kenzo Kase a Japanese chiropractor in 1979. It’s supposed to lift the skin and provide space between the skin and the muscle allowing smooth muscle movement, drainage, and increased blood flow. 

The real question is does it work? As of date there is no actual science to support that. The studies that have been done show no significant benefit in a taped vs an untaped population. The biggest effect seems to be the placebo effect. However, I can say having been taped and having taped lots of athletes it helps. I feel like it also acts as a localized brace assisting in movement across that area that’s taped. We do lots of taping here and if.ypu are interested give us a shout. 

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