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Boulders Injury and Recovery Specialists. We understand Athletes. Both weekend warrior and professional, from cyclist, to golfers and all in between.

Body Work is an important part of a maintaining healthy tissue and healthy tissue is a necessity for successful movement and performance. All of our sessions, both group and private involve both tissue work and mobility.

Our trainers incorporate many different methods of tissue manipulation. Foam rolling, lax balls, the stick rollers, bands, manual manipulation, scraping, kinesiotaping, cold therapy, and much more.

Our body work practitioner is Silvana Busch. She works with both The Rossiter Method, traditional massage, and Tai style massage as well as many others based upon education and personal experience.

Silvana Busch-Rossiter practitioner

Sports and Injury Massage Experts

Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain, poor posture or a repetitive stress injury? Do you have a orthopedic injury? Have you had an auto accident, worker’s comp injury or surgery?

Pain can be physically & mentally challenging and we’re here to help! Allow our massage therapists to support you with treatment-oriented therapeutic massage specific to your injury or pain pattern.

We’ll customize your sports massage treatment plan, educate you on your imbalances and demonstrate stretches & strengthening routines. We’ve helped professional athletes & teams since 1999.

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Chiropractic care for athletes and weekend warriors. Specializing in Chiropractic care, dry needling, integrative functional training, kinesio taping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.