Training The Body Balance Way

Body Balance is an advanced fitness and wellness facility where each new client goes thru a specific evaluation to determine what limitations and movement patterns exist that might be causing problems, or have the potential to cause future problems. Clients will have access to free weights, strength and power development, Olympic lifting, plyometric training, cable training, suspension training, medicine balls, kettlebells, and so much more.

We then utilize the following six step process when starting a training program.

  • Tissue quality: Goal is to create soft and supple tissue, increase circulation, break up adhesion’s as well as scar tissue, etc. We use the following tools to help create this: foam roller, acupressure, LAX balls, Tennis balls, massage sticks, manual manipulation, myofascial scrapers, and more.
  • Mobility: Not everyone needs more mobility, but for those that do we have specific exercises designed to increase thoracic spine mobility, shoulder mobility, scapular mobility, ankle, and hip mobility.
  • Dynamic warm-up: Specific exercises and movements designed to stabilize the weak muscle groups, warm-up the muscle groups that are going to be worked that day, increase CNS stimulation, increase core temp, and prepare the body for the work to come.
  • Workout:  Exercises focused on stabilizing and strengthening targeted muscle groups utilizing all of the tools available, based upon clients wants, needs, and directions.
  • Core work: Abdominal training focused on anti extension, anti rotation, stabilization, and lumbar spine support.
  • Regeneration: Repeat tissue quality work as well as Meridian Stretching (eccentric stretching) to increase range of motion (ROM) associated with specific areas of adhesion’s and limited ROM, as well as limit the soreness factor and speed up the recovery process.

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