Somedays your plan changes

May 12th, 2015

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Category: Fitness

Somedays your plan changes

I started today knowing that I had a full day of clients and that I my workout time would be at 4 after being on my feet since 7am I was pretty tired by then. When I started my foam rolling sessions I knew that todays workout was going to be a challenge energy wise. My plan was to squat heavy then pair a compound leg movement with some plyometrics followed by 2000m on the concept rower. However, when I started to foam roller and my energy levels where low I decided I was going to deadlift instead. As I started warming up I started to feel pretty good and decided today was the day to workup to a 1rm attempt. I was fairly confident that I could pull 405lbs but when I got there it felt light. I decided to try 1 more attempt and pulled 425lbs. Well, I did it and sometimes your plan changes. Super good day deadlifting today.

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