Poul Collins
Poul Collins Personal Trainer at Body Balance Strength and Wellness

Poul Collins with his son

Poul Collins has been training people with various background since 2007. From elite collegiate athletes to people with special needs, patience, innovation, and knowledge has always helped him find a way to achieve results with any client.

He began his career as a strength and conditioning coach at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. There he worked with male and female Division-1 Athletes for two years.

Looking for new challenges, Poul moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2011 to work at a large corporation (big box) gym. After being the head trainer there for two years, he decided it was time to train on his own. In March 2013, Rise Up Fitness was born.

“Everyone has the potential and capacity to rise, whether it be mentally or physically. With proper motivation and instruction, one should constantly be looking to improve themselves. My approach to training is holistic and practical. I possess the ability to motivate anybody to improve themselves.”


Poul’s Contact Info:

Email: poulcollins23@gmail.com
Phone: 720-298-6227