Katie Gavin

Katie Gavin, the owner and operator of Boulder Higher Health, is a licensed physical therapist, a licensed massage therapist and a personal trainer, with a background in somatic exercises: Yoga and Pilates.

Personal training and Physical therapy sessions with Katie are safe, effective and fun. If you have had a recent surgery, a current or old injury or limitations that you want to overcome, you have found the right place. With over a decade of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist & personal trainer, Katie is adept at pinpointing weaknesses and imbalances and guiding you through a strength program that will correct these quickly without hurting you. You will feel better quickly and achieve your goals safely. Workouts and PT sessions are tailored for you, based on your own personal goals, using specific exercises that will help you move and function better in your daily life & recreational activities. Functional strengthening, balance, stability, flexibility, proprioception and cardio are some of what you will experience in each session.

Katie is originally from Long Island, NY and has lived in Boulder, CO for five years. She enjoys rock climbing, hiking, gardening, plein air oil painting and singing.

Katie Gavin: Call or text 720-772-8167

Email: BoulderHigherHealth@gmail.com